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Can we bring alcohol and food on the bus?

Of course alcohol can be brought on the bus! We do not have any limitations on glass bottles or such. We do not recommend jello shots of any kind. Most of the time they end up making a sticky mess that results in an excessive cleaning fee.  Food can also be brought on the bus. Be careful though. Drunk humans and food are another risk of a mess and cleaning fee.

How do we reserve a bus?

A date, bus, and time slot are reserved until a contract and full payment is made.

Can we smoke on the bus?

Absolutely not. Smoking fee is $200.00.

When does the time start and end?

Time starts when the contract states we are picking you up. End time is when you are contracted to be dropped off.

What does your operating area consist of?

Our local area is 25 miles. All trip travel with 25 miles is included in the quote/cost. Anything past that will incur a fuel/mileage fee. We will travel within a 250 mile radius of the Galena. Platteville, and Dubuque area.

Is there a minimum number of hours to rent a bus?

Night trips (after 6pm) there is a 4 hour minimum. Day trips (ending at or before 6pm) there is a 2 hour minimum.

How is music handled for the bus?

All buses are equipped with bluetooth capabilities to the sound system. You are in control.

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