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Tipsy Trolley Party Bus

Tipsy Trolley Party Bus has become the go-to limousine, party bus, and tour company in the Dubuque, Platteville, and Galena area operating 24/7/365! Our expansive service area stretches hundreds of miles, letting us bring value to other transportation markets as well, and at the same time letting our customers go practically anywhere they desire. Whether it is transporting corporate clients for your company, offering your party guests entertaining (and safe!) bus, limousine, and motor coach transportation, or you and your guests stress-free and no hassle airport bus service, we have you covered. Please give us the chance to show you what we have to offer and call, email, or Facebook message us today!

Book your seat on all-inclusive bus tours and trips assembled by us. Sporting events, concerts, festivals, and more!

Don’t worry about finding tickets, driving, fuel costs, or parking. Pay one price, hop on the bus, and enjoy the trip!

Click on which bus, which day of the week, and the number of hours needed for an estimated calculation of what your cost will be!

More people = Less cost per person.

We do NOT charge for gratuity. That is left for the driver to earn, and we feel the customer gets a better experience that way.

So many different buses, so many possibilities. Limo buses, party buses, Hummer limo, shuttle buses, and motor coaches.

The new (and safe!) way to book your private bus. Also the best way to find public trips created by you or your peers and open to anyone. Think Crowdfunder for passenger transportation, for private AND public trips!