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Tipsy Trolley Party Bus

Tipsy Trolley Party Bus has become the go-to limousine, party bus, and tour company in the Dubuque, Platteville, and Galena area operating 24/7/365! Our expansive service area stretches hundreds of miles, letting us bring value to other transportation markets as well, and at the same time letting our customers go practically anywhere they desire. Whether it is transporting corporate clients for your company, offering your party guests entertaining (and safe!) bus, limousine, and motor coach transportation, or you and your guests stress-free and no hassle airport bus service, we have you covered. Please give us the chance to show you what we have to offer and call, email, or Facebook message us today!

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Can we bring alcohol on the bus, and are there any container limitations?

Of course alcohol can be brought on the bus! We do not have any limitations on glass bottles or such. We do advise against jello shots placed in little cups, as they do pose a risk of making a mess resulting in a detailing fee. We find that jello shots in syringes do not leave behind a mess, and we sell empty syringes at cost to help prevent our customers using little cups.

How do we reserve a bus?

A date, bus, and time slot are not reserved until a contract and $100 down payment are in our hands. I understand this is a pain-point, where customers can’t call in and just give us their word, but a percentage of the people that tell us they want to reserve a bus never send in a contract. So I want to stress again: A date is not reserved until we have a contract and down payment in our hands unless explicitly told something like — “Don’t worry about the contract if this is very last minute, I will put you in the calendar and just give the contract to the driver at pickup.”

How do I get a contract?

After you are certain you want to book, contact us either via Facebook, email, or phone, and we will email you a contract for you to fill out. You can then either scan the documents and email them back (we will just take the down payment off the card provided), or you can mail the documents back with a check. If you do decide to mail the documents back, please send us an email letting us know you dropped them in the mail and we will write you down in our calendar so we do not double book while your documents are on their way to us.

When is the remaining balance due?

The remaining balance after the $100 down payment is taken off, is due at the time of pickup with either cash or check. If you want to pay with your credit card, let us know at least 24 hours beforehand. You cannot simply tell the driver to put the balance on your card at the time of pickup, because we have run into bad credit cards too many times this way.

Can we smoke on the bus?

Absolutely not. It is a very hefty fine for not only you, but us as well if anyone is caught in our buses smoking.

When does the time start and end?

With our system, your time doesn’t start until your scheduled pickup time, and your end time starts when you are dropped off at your drop off — we do not start the clock when our buses leave our shop. If a pickup is further than 20 miles from our shop, depending on what your trip consists of, there may be a mileage or “deadhead” fee applied.

What does your operating area consist of?

We operate within a 250 mile radius of the Galena. Platteville, and Dubuque area. We hold an interstate authority as well as the 5 million dollars’ worth of liability insurance needed to operate across state lines. We also hold intrastate licenses in the states that we do business in along with IFTA to report our fuel taxes to each state.

What is the best way to get a hold of you?

We pride ourselves in bending over backwards for our customers and making sure they have the best experience possible, and that starts with a line of communication. If you email or Facebook message us, we have a 24 hour rule and will get back to you within that time frame, but usually much much quicker — these two forms of communication work best for us. If not replied to within that time, your message probably went to a spam folder. Calling works well too, as someone always has the phone with them 24/7, but we like messaging better to document all communication.

On Saturdays, is there someone working dispatch that I can get a hold of in case there are last minute changes or emergencies?

Yes, on Saturdays someone will have the phone next to them at all times as well, but if not answered, the emergency contact number is 608-732-9099.

Is there a minimum number of hours to rent a bus?

For Saturday night trips, we do have a 4 hour minimum rental time. We could have a multiple of our fleet size busy on Saturday nights, so we can’t afford to tie up a bus on Saturdays for less than 4 hours as a general rule. If we have a cancellation or it is during our off season, we may bend on this — shoot us a message and ask, it’s worth a shot.

Can we bring food on the bus?

You are more than welcome to bring food on the bus, but please be warned, food and intoxicated people tend to be a terrible combination and usually result in a mess. We have only had to charge the cleaning fee of $100 a few times in our existence, and it usually because of drinking + food = a mess.

Do you charge extra to go outside of a border?

Of course not. The only fee we may have that results because of travel is if your pickup location is further than 20 miles from our shop.

Is gratuity included in the price or am I automatically charged for it on top of the price quoted?

No, without question it is not, and never will be. I am a firm believer in the incentives that gratuity gives the driver to give the customer the best experience possible. Not only does this philosophy give the customer the trust that their host is going to put forth his/her best effort, but it results in a usually higher percentage of gratuities for the driver than I would charge as part of the rates.

Is parking included in the price if we are going to a game or event?

No, the parking fee is not included unless specifically discussed. We are experienced in these trips and know the parking fees to almost every venue in our area, so just ask.

Can extra time be purchased at the end of the trip if need be?

Short answer is yes, at the same hourly rate as you booked the bus for. Long answer is that if you think you are going to need that extra time, be sure to book it. We cannot guarantee that the bus will be available to extend your drop off time. Every bus has two trips on Saturdays, so after a wedding, the bus is usually booked that night fairly tight and the bus has somewhere to be after the wedding, preventing the wedding from extending their trip. For night trips, many of our buses do late night shuttles for weddings after their night trips, so in that scenario the night trip wouldn’t be able to extend either. I want to hammer this home: if you think you will need more time, don’t rely on being able to purchase extra at the end, as we cannot guarantee that it will be available.

How is music handled for the bus?

Customers are responsible for their own music, as we couldn’t possibly have all of the different music that people desire. All buses have CD players and AUX cords to plug in any and all devices. Make sure you have a backup device in case the iPhone/iPod/mp3 that you planned on using starts to act up. Nothing is worse than being without your preferred music!

I am getting married and I need a bus between the ceremony and the reception, what is the standard practice?

Weddings! Weddings are a bulk of our business, and are something we have honed in on to perfect the experience.

Between the ceremony and reception:

Most transportation between the ceremony and the reception is either 2 or 3 hours. What I would definitely suggest is to book the bus up until your reception starts and plan to have the bus arrive shortly before hand so you aren’t standing outside of your reception for a lengthy time.

Pre/Post wedding shuttles:

Need to get the bridal party to the salon in the morning? Need to get the wedding party to the church? Need to get guests from hotels to ceremony and reception? Need to get bridal party and/or guests back to hotels or homes?

We can do all of these. We have a 12 passenger bus that has worked out great for these services, because not everyone is using the service at the same time. We do have larger buses available for shuttling, but usually the 12 passenger is the best fit to do constant shuttles on an hourly basis, especially at the end of the wedding. Typically we start an hour before the reception ends, and shuttle for 2 hours.

Do we need the entire route planned out or can we play it by ear?

Either or, but for the best experience possible, getting us a planned itinerary is best. It gives us a chance to research the route and the destinations and plan accordingly. Most of our drivers have been to every spot/destination imaginable by now, and we definitely do trips where we show up and there isn’t a plan set that work out, but for the best possible outcome, get us an itinerary.

I am doing a birthday/bachelorette/bachelor party, how many hours should I book for?

We have 4 hour minimums on Saturday nights, but 5 or more seems to be the best. 4 hour night trips that are covering any amount of area tend to be rushed at each stop and end up adding an hour if the bus is available anyway.

If it is during the winter, and weather looks like it could be an issue, what is the policy regarding these trips.

We won’t risk anyone’s safety, the driver or the passengers. If it looks like it is going to be too dangerous to send a bus out, we reserve the right to call the trip, or keep in touch with you regarding the route. Staying on main roads is the best during the freezing months. If you plan a trip that weather would potentially ruin its feasibility, we will certainly be reasonable and let you move the date or cancel the trip.