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Tipsy Trolley Party Bus

Tipsy Trolley Party Bus has become the go-to limousine, party bus, and tour company in the Dubuque, Platteville, and Galena area operating 24/7/365! Our expansive service area stretches hundreds of miles, letting us bring value to other transportation markets as well, and at the same time letting our customers go practically anywhere they desire. Whether it is transporting corporate clients for your company, offering your party guests entertaining (and safe!) bus, limousine, and motor coach transportation, or you and your guests stress-free and no hassle airport bus service, we have you covered. Please give us the chance to show you what we have to offer and call, email, or Facebook message us today!

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About Us

Wild story. Luke and Cody had zero intentions of getting into the bus business, but rather through simple life experiences, like Luke getting married, it found them. Timing couldn’t have been worse. Luke was managing another business, about to get married, and build a family. Cody was working full-time while taking a full 15 credit semester load at University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Time was definitely not in surplus.

So it goes like this: Luke’s wife Laura gives him one job, to book the buses needed for his bachelor party, her bachelorette party, and for their wedding. He called a local provider to book the buses, and he informed Luke he was getting out of the business and the bus was for sale. Brilliant! The story writes itself, right? Luke calls Cody on a Friday night, and they go purchase the bus the following Saturday morning. You’re probably thinking…what about checking into the sky high insurance rates, what about trying to search out all of the pertinent State and Federal Regulations, what about finding possible drivers, what about thinking of a facility to operate the business out of, what about giving it a careful consideration that every single weekend from here on out will be business only? Nope. Didn’t do any of that, just bought the bus and jumped in head first!

Laura said afterwards, “glad I didn’t send him to book the reception hall!”

After all of that transpired, the learning curve was steep, and the growth exceeded all expectations. The business has been built will the customer always first in mind, and thrives because of the repeat business. Tipsy Trolley has witnessed many neat occurrences during their time in business. Like a couple that met on a concert bus trip that they organized, went on to get married (and book for the wedding buses!). They see people they have done 21st birthday buses for and now are getting married, book them for their wedding buses. People who come to the area on vacation and use them for dinner or casino transportation/shuttles, have turned it into an annual event. Repeat business has become the cornerstone of their operation, and they couldn’t be more proud of that fact.